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Month: April, 2012

17-04-12 Internet Digest

Song of the Day: Motivation to turn your computer off: Just make sure this 10 hour repeat of ‘Friday‘ is your internet homepage, thus ensuring you never open firefox!

Web Gem of the day: Student Cooking 😀 Because as a student, Ive come to detest ramen :

Picture of the day:
If you know you’re right, just take the plunge…in school…at work.


16-04-12 Web Watch

Song of the Day:

A bit of classic rock thats the perfect mix of grunge and indie. Love this vibe of music

Web Gem of the Day:
From a larger list on Think this is awesome to keep your inner child alive xD

Photo of the Day:
one word…perspective.

Fun time with Snape: New Daily Post.

SO during revision, i get pretty damn distracted on the internet and find many ‘gems’ on the web.

To further the extent of my procastination, I want to share some of these gems with you.

I will post in the following format:
1-Song of the Day
2-Web Gem of the day
3-Picture of the day.

ITs pretty self explanatory as to what it will include, but i just want to show the parts of the web i love. Mostly featured will be theChive,, listverse, 9gag and ofcourse youtube.