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17-04-12 Internet Digest

Song of the Day: Motivation to turn your computer off: Just make sure this 10 hour repeat of ‘Friday‘ is your internet homepage, thus ensuring you never open firefox!

Web Gem of the day: Student Cooking 😀 Because as a student, Ive come to detest ramen :

Picture of the day:
If you know you’re right, just take the plunge…in school…at work.


16-04-12 Web Watch

Song of the Day:

A bit of classic rock thats the perfect mix of grunge and indie. Love this vibe of music

Web Gem of the Day:
From a larger list on Think this is awesome to keep your inner child alive xD

Photo of the Day:
one word…perspective.

Fun time with Snape: New Daily Post.

SO during revision, i get pretty damn distracted on the internet and find many ‘gems’ on the web.

To further the extent of my procastination, I want to share some of these gems with you.

I will post in the following format:
1-Song of the Day
2-Web Gem of the day
3-Picture of the day.

ITs pretty self explanatory as to what it will include, but i just want to show the parts of the web i love. Mostly featured will be theChive,, listverse, 9gag and ofcourse youtube.


Ice Cream sandwich

In true ‘first world problem’ style. im so annoyed that ICS hasnt come out yet for my gorgeous SG Note :[


So my second proper day of revision. Great gym session at 6:30am….hold that thought…something just came through the mail….a beautiful hardback edition of 1984 from amazon. 😀

SO 10 hours of revision begins now :]